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layout_losers's Journal

background help!
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well for now the userinfo is a little plain, but that can change :] here are the rules + info on the community:

[about the community]
here, you can get help with your backgrounds, fonts, entries boxes, and whatever you need. hopefully everyone will be happy with what they get! we're totally open to suggestions and comments, so if you're unsatisfied with something, just let me know.

1. be polite rudeness to the moderators and/or members of the community will not be tolerated even once. if you're caught being disrespectful, you will no longer be a member

2. try not to IM! emailing or posting on the community with what you want is fine, but please try to refrain from IMing anyone with requests. we've got other things to do online, so just be patient and you'll be helped quickly!

3. be specific for your own satisfaction, please be specific with what you want (colors, pictures, alignments, whatever) so that there will not be any misunderstandings

and most importantly...

4. UPLOAD YOUR OWN STUFF guys, uploading isnt difficult! if i can do it, anyone can (and im not joking) if you can upload your own background, then i can happily put it into your journal for you. but ive been uploading everyone's backgrounds for them and dont have any more space. so please, please upload on your own!

thats about all for the rules! please respect them, i will appreciate it if you do. now go and request something! <33
[how to upload]
here are the basics for uploading, in case anyone isnt sure as to what they have to do.

go to a site where you can upload files for free (boomspeed.com and liquid2k.com are both fast, easy to figure out, and free) and sign up to get an account. then click on where you can upload your files, and upload whatever it is that you want. then take the code provided for you, and insert it into your livejournal overrides codes. if you have any questions, feel free to ask!